Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding 101 and other happenings in Knoxville

Lessons I've learned so far while planning a wedding.

1. If you meet with a florist already know what flowers you want. If you have no idea they will look at you funny and say " haven't thought at all about this". When they say this you will feel unprepared and you will begin to think you have no business planning a wedding.

2. Life revolves around change. For example, if you and your fiancee plan a wedding for the only non-football weekend (based on your 20 year old brother's knowledge of the 2011 football schedule) you will be sad to find out that there actually is a football game scheduled for that weekend. I'm sure the UT fans in my family will be hoping for a noon game so they can get some football in before the 4:30 wedding. If it's a later game I'm sure we'll have a T.V at the reception.

3. I know nothing about Tuxes. Andy seemed shocked by this fact until I reminded him that I've never worn a tux. On the other hand Andy know nothing about I guess that makes us even.

4. If you are going to meet with a florist bring a shovel. That way when she decides that the colors that you spent weeks agonizing over (before finally deciding on the perfect colors for a fall wedding) are horrible and decides to change them you can whack her over the head and make a clean getaway. I mean seriously people I know it takes me 3.5 years to decide on a restaurant for dinner but I'm not a wishy-washy person when it comes to wedding stuff.

5. It great to include your fiancee in the wedding planning but for heaven's sake stop him before he tries to book his favorite band for the reception or decides he wants white tuxes for a fall wedding or tries to make your rehearsal dinner baseball themed....ok just kidding on that one. I actually let him pick the theme for the rehearsal dinner and it seems to fit since he's such a big Red Sox fan.

6. Picking a song for your 1st dance is really hard. Especially if you have VERY different tastes in music.

7. Letting your fiancee plan the honeymoon is AWESOME. I gave Andy a list of places I would LOVE to go so any place he picks off that list is great!......... Unless he makes reservations at a resort where the rooms have 3 walls which lets the huge lizards hang out with you (a little shout out to my grad school friend, Lindsey, who put her foot down for that honeymoon destination).

8. If your future mother-in-law says that she only will invite 75 of her friends to the wedding the number she really means is 100+. I'm taking deep breaths into a paper bag until Andy and his mom have narrowed the list down.


Around lunchtime today it started snowing. I love it when it snows and sticks because my boss lives in Maryville and if she thinks the roads will be dangerous she lets us leave early. YIPPIE!!

I had an adorable infestation of ladybugs in my apt. I said "awww...." before I sucked them up with the vacuum.

We had a patient come into the clinic today that was the cutest little old man ever. He gave me a hug when I went out into the waiting room, called me "darlin'", told me I looked great and was ecstatic to see me. The problem with this was that while I was talking to him I couldn't remember his name to save my soul. I tend to have this problem in clinic. I shock my boss by remembering the strange/ off the wall details about our patients but can't remember names, their type of hearing loss/ aid...etc.
Example from yesterday:
Me "I wrote as much as I could remember in the report"
My boss "but you were sitting right there when I was getting the case history from his mom what do you remember from that?"
Me "well I remember that I couldn't understand a word he said and he had a Joker action figure from Batman and a dinosaur toy"
My boss "??"
.....I suppose I should pay more attention.

I'm reading "The Girl Who Played With Fire". I would recommended it to EVERYONE!!!!! I've been reading before I go to sleep (which makes for some weird dreams) and at the gym while on the elliptical machine....much to the amusement of my friend, K-lo, who laughs at me when I gasp, do a fist pump (which usually happens when something bad happens to the bad guys), start shaking my book in anticipation or randomly exclaim "You HAVE to read this book". She knows I'm right about these things since for the past several months she's been reading books that I've recommended. I'm almost at the end of the book and I can't wait to see how it turns fact I'm going to go get ready for bed and read some more.


  1. I completely agree on #6!!!! It took us forever. And I will continue to laugh at your random outbursts in the workout room, but I can't knock your taste in books!

  2. YAY! I love your blog posts! RE: your wedding lessons, these too shall pass. Although I think you should ban all TVs, smartphones (yes, I will even relinquish my beloved iPhone) and any other electronic device at your wedding as a sign of protest that UT would DARE to play a football game while your wedding is going on. Moving've sold me on the "Fire-Dragon-Hornets and the Girl who played with them all" books - I've picked them up a thousand times and put them down a thousand times. Am going to purchase the first one this morning at your recommendation...

  3. ha ha ha don't worry Dana no matter what time the game is we won't be showing the game at the actual wedding ceremony. However, at the reception location there is a separate bar area where I wouldn't mind if they have the game playing. I think we could protest but I doubt that the university would care.